Mayor’s Fundraiser Reassigned Following Raid

Mayor's Fundraiser Reassigned Following Raid

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is having a rough year. He’s facing down a migrant crisis, allegations of sexual misconduct, and now, his campaign is under investigation on suspicion of having received donations from Türkiye. As part of that, the FBI has raided the homes of those involved in his campaign fundraising. The mayor has since reassigned one of those involved.

On November 2, the FBI raided Brianna Suggs’ Brooklyn, New York, home. As Adam’s top fundraiser, agents questioned her the same day but didn’t arrest or charge her with a crime. In a conference on November 28, the NYC mayor revealed that Suggs was no longer involved in fundraising, though she was still part of the campaign for his re-election bid. It’s unclear what job she has undertaken.

Suggs isn’t the only campaign staffer to have her home raided. The FBI went to the homes of Rana Abbasova and Cenk Ocal, who worked in the Mayor’s Office of International Affairs and on his transition team, respectively, two weeks after the Suggs’ sweep. According to CBS News, Abbasova’s behavior — asking members of the mayor’s staff to delete text messages — sparked Adams’ lawyers to notify federal authorities of inappropriate behavior early in the investigation. These texts reportedly involved contributions from KSK, a Brooklyn construction firm, to Adams’ campaign. KSK has ties to Türkiye.

Adams maintained his innocence. Speaking with CBS New York in early November, he made it clear that “no one can state that we participated in any type of donor scheme or any type of improper behavior.” However, investigators explored his text messages to the Türkiye consul general to determine whether the mayor inappropriately helped expedite a certificate of occupancy for the newly built consulate.

Authorities, still investigating, have not accused Adams of any wrongdoing. Even so, the mayor established a fund for his legal defense, just in case.

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