Man Reunites With Mother After Being Kidnapped as Baby

Man Reunites With Mother After Being Kidnapped as Baby

( – Ciper, a Chilean investigative news agency, uncovered a shocking scandal in 2014. Trafficking rings had illegally taken many babies in the country from their parents and put them up for adoption in foreign countries. The authorities involved often told the mothers, mostly low-income women, that their babies had died as newborns. Then, those who snatched the infants received handsome rewards through adoption fees, perpetuating the trafficking ring. In recent months, one man found out he was one of the victims.

In a detailed Facebook post, Jimmy Lippert Thyden, now 42, relayed how he discovered he was illegally taken from his mother after he was born to María Angélica González. Following his birth, the nurse claimed Thyden was a premature baby and had to go to the NICU. The staff later told González, when she asked for her son, that he had passed away. When she asked for his body, the hospital claimed it had disposed of it.

Meanwhile, a couple in the United States adopted Thyden. The hospital and its staff commonly perpetrated the scheme and involved others, such as judges, social workers, nuns, and priests, all in the name of profit. Thyden has since reunited with his birth mother and found out that he has biological siblings: four brothers and a sister.

Thyden’s tale isn’t the only one of its kind. In fact, he learned of the scheme after reading an article in USA Today about another Chilean man who went through the same ordeal. Scott Lieberman, also 42, wasn’t as fortunate as Thyden. While he was able to meet his biological sister, his mother passed away years prior without ever knowing that her son was alive.

Both men worked with Nos Buscamos, an organization dedicated to reuniting Chilean families torn apart by illegal trafficking. Thyden said he’d like to see the government and all of those who had a hand in the illegal adoptions prosecuted.

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