Man Reportedly Fakes Death, Shows Up to His Own Funeral

Man Fakes Death, Shows Up to His Own Funeral

( – Funerals are usually sad events with grieving family members and friends paying respects to their loved ones in a final goodbye. However, interesting things can sometimes happen — such as the deceased showing up while everyone is mourning. Apparently, that’s exactly what happened in Belgium, and it was all to teach the family a lesson.

David Baerten maintains a prominent presence on TikTok, a video-sharing app, with more than 166,000 followers. Annoyed by the fact that he’d grown apart from his family, he, along with his wife and children, reportedly decided to play a prank. They would fake Baerten’s death and see who showed up to pay their last respects. His daughter even posted a heartfelt “tribute” to her dad on social media to make it look authentic. Then, they planned the funeral, which took place just outside the city of Liege.

After grieving funeral-goers arrived, they received the shock of a lifetime. Baerten wasn’t dead. Instead, he arrived, in true fashion, via helicopter and stepped off with a camera crew following him. Baerten received mixed reactions. Several people ran to him in shock to hug him, while others were understandably confused by what was happening.

The Times of London reported that Baerten greeted those present and explained his rationale for carrying out the prank. He said what he saw in his family hurt him, and he felt disappointed at not receiving invitations to family events or having anyone visit him. He called the prank a “life lesson” — a reminder to seize the day — one designed to “show them that you shouldn’t wait until someone is dead to meet up with them.”

While Baerten hasn’t posted a video of the entire incident on TikTok, he’s posted shorts of it, including the moment he stepped off the helicopter. That video went viral and garnered thousands of likes.

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