Liz Cheney Suffers Defeat in Primary Battle

Liz Cheney Suffers Defeat in Primary Battle

Liz Cheney DEFEATED – But She May Have Bigger Plans

( – Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) has lost her primary election bid in a solid defeat to a Trump-backed opponent. The lawmaker lost a significant amount of support within the Republican party following her outspoken criticism of former president Donald Trump. The daughter of the 46th vice president served three terms in the House. However, after losing her seat, she might have her sights on a bigger prize.

Cheney earned backlash from Trump supporters for serving as the vice chair for the January 6 committee. She often spoke out against the 45th POTUS, and she has said repeatedly that she believes he is a threat to the country. Both the Republican National Committee and the Wyoming GOP censured her for voting for impeachment. While she has managed to gain some support for Democrats in recent months, it ultimately wasn’t enough to save her seat in her state’s House.

Despite such strong opposition within her own party, Cheney said during an August 17 appearance on the Today Show that she had plans to continue her campaign against the former president. She declared she wouldn’t back down because she felt it would take a major movement to keep him from returning to the White House. She also suggested she may be in the running for the office in 2024, but was still pondering the move.

Do you think Cheney could get enough support within the GOP, or even from independents, for a 2024 run?

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