Lawmaker Ordered To Pay Restitution for His Actions

Lawmaker Receives Punishment After Keying Someone's Car

( – Elected officials are typically expected to hold themselves to a higher standard when following laws. However, sometimes they get caught up in crimes that most would describe as nothing more than petty. A Rhode Island Senator found himself involved in just such a case recently.

In June, authorities arrested State Senator Joshua Miller (D) when authorities caught him vandalizing someone’s vehicle. He keyed the car, which displayed a bumper sticker reading “Biden Sucks.” When officers asked him about the incident, he denied having committed the crime. He even said the accusations were probably the work of “gun nuts” stalking him. In a twist of irony, the victim tracked Miller down through a bumper sticker on his own vehicle.

Miller eventually changed his tune when investigators presented him with video evidence showing him committing the damaging act. He then claimed that the car’s owner challenged him to do it.

Unfortunately for Miller, that wasn’t enough to get him off the hook. Police charged him with vandalism and malicious injury to property, a misdemeanor, and obstruction of a police officer. Authorities released him on his own recognizance. He later appeared in court and pleaded no contest to the two charges. The judge ordered him to donate $250 to the state’s food bank and pay $2,850 in restitution to the vehicle’s owner. If Miller remains on good behavior for the next year, the court will expunge the charges from his record.

After the sentencing, Miller said he “exhibited a lack of self-control” that resulted in a hit to his reputation, according to Fox News. However, despite the state Republican Party’s chair calling for Miller’s resignation, he won’t step down.

Miller has served his state since 2006 and will “ultimately answer to his constituents,” Senate President Dominick Ruggerio (D) said, according to Fox News. Ruggerio didn’t feel the judge displayed favoritism, as Republicans alleged.

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