LA Mayor Furious With Texas Governor

LA Mayor Furious With Texas Governor

( – As border crisis has evolved in recent years, several Republican governors have taken matters into their own hands. At the top of the list is Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), who, as part of Operation Lone Star, started shipping migrants to so-called sanctuary cities in 2022. One recent shipment has angered a Democratic Mayor.

On Monday, August 22, Tropical Storm Hilary hit Southern California, drenching the region and causing flooding. Viral videos showed the damage in the streets of Los Angeles. Amid storm warnings, Abbott reportedly packed a bus full of migrants and sent them to the City of Angels, prompting Mayor Karen Bass (D) to lash out.

Bass said that while she and other leaders were warning LA residents about the impending storm, Abbott “sent families and toddlers straight for us on a path through extreme weather conditions,” per NBC News. She scolded him, saying that as someone who regularly deals with the threats and impacts of hurricanes, he should know how dangerous the move is, calling it “a despicable act beyond politics.”

Abbott’s office defended the move. A spokesperson said that the migrants chose to go to the city, signed the necessary paperwork, and received clearance from the federal government. Additionally, the bus contractors stocked the vehicle with the essentials, and the driver continuously updated on the weather conditions. A total of 37 migrants from several Central and South American countries boarded the vehicle seeking asylum.

This incident isn’t the first time Abbott has sent migrants to Los Angeles. This year, Texas has sent nine busloads of migrants to the major US city. Abbott also sends the migrants to New York, DC, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Denver also appears on the list of cities. Transporting migrants away from border towns helps provide “much-needed relief” for the state, the Texas governor said in a statement.

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