Kevin McCarthy Calls Out Mayorkas Over Border Crisis

Kevin McCarthy Claims Mayorkas Is Lying About Border

( – Border control has been at the forefront of a constant debate since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021. He reversed many of former President Donald Trump’s policies, and there has been significant influx of immigrants across the southern border over the last couple years. In Fiscal Year 2022, arrests topped 2 million, half a million more than the previous year. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) recently visited the border and immediately took aim at Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

According to The Hill, McCarthy called out Mayorkas directly in a press conference from Arizona, telling him to “stop lying to the American public.”

Republicans have long said Mayorkas is deceiving the public by saying the border is secure when the numbers and conditions speak otherwise. McCarthy noted the situation at the border, questioning the fact that despite there being no legislative change, there’s a very real problem with immigrants crossing into the United States, detected or not.

In the specific region of Cochise County, Arizona, McCarthy said the numbers have gone from 66,000 in the Trump era to 250,000 now, during Biden’s rein. The House speaker also called out the current president’s change in policies that led to unfinished gaps in the border wall and inactive lights, along with the supplies American tax dollars paid for but sit unused.

Freshman Arizona Representative Juan Ciscomani (R) also joined McCarthy in calling for Mayorkas to address the issue and says the best way he can do that is by visiting the border and seeing what he and McCarthy observed there. The only way to really get an idea of how the issue is affecting those locally, he says, is to “talk to the people that [they] talked to.”

Many Republicans are calling to impeach Mayorkas, and so far, it seems that McCarthy supports, at the very least, an inquiry into the measure. He has previously insisted the Homeland secretary should resign.

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