Kamala Harris Publicly BLASTS China – Calls Them Out!

Kamala Harris Targets China During Speech Over Taiwan

Kamala Harris Targets China Over Taiwan During Remarks

(USNewsBreak.com) – The United States maintains a standoffish position concerning Taiwan. The official stance is the White House respects the one-China policy and supports maintaining the status quo through peace in the region. However, Biden has declared publicly on multiple occasions that the US would defend Taiwan if China invaded. Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris made remarks onboard the USS Howard naval ship at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan.

The second in command was attending meetings with allied nations when she made comments about China and Taiwan. She quickly condemned China for its actions against the island country.

Harris said, “China has challenged the freedom of the seas.” She accused the nation of trying to “coerce and intimidate” the countries around it through military and economic actions. She also stated the nation has been acting in a threatening way toward Taiwan. Her speech went on to insinuate that she has no expectations Beijing will stop its posturing.

The vice president promised to continue the current policies concerning the island, offering assurances the United States would continue to be a defensive partner and provide support to Taiwan when needed. She also resolved to “deepen our unofficial ties” with the nation. Harris noted peace in the region was dependent upon China not challenging the current arrangement and the island nation’s ability to run its democratic government.

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