Kamala Harris Gets Backlash After Trip to Discuss Climate Agenda

Kamala Harris Gets Backlash After Trip to Discuss Climate Agenda

(USNewsBreak.com) – One of the standard talking points of the left is the climate crisis. The Biden Administration has been working diligently on climate issues and pushing a green energy agenda. The problem is that the actions within the White House don’t seem to match anyone’s words when it comes to caring about the climate.

On October 18, Vice President Kamala Harris’ official Twitter account posted a video of her leaving a large SUV and boarding Air Force Two in California. The post said she was going to Nevada to discuss the environment and the Biden Administration’s plans to fight the crisis.

She also praised the Build Back Better plan, which she claims will help America generate cleaner energy. Specifically, she talked about the importance of reducing emissions, which was ironic considering she rode in a gas-guzzling vehicle to board a private plane for a very short commute from California to Nevada.

Posters questioned why she couldn’t have used video conferencing. It worked well during the pandemic lockdowns for regular citizens.

The attorney general of Missouri, Eric Schmitt, went as far as to condemn Harris for lacking self-awareness. Meanwhile, radio host Erick Erickson posted this snarky comment on Twitter: “A motorcade of several SUVs and a Boeing 757 instead of a zoom call really shows you care about the climate ‘crisis.'”

The incident appears to be another misstep by an exceedingly unpopular vice president. Critics suggest that through her actions, Harris gives off the sense that the Build Back Better agenda and climate concern are just talking points and lack actual substance.

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