ISIS Official Captured by US Forces

ISIS Official Captured by US Forces

( – In 2019, the United States played a critical role in defeating the terrorist organization ISIS. While the extremists never completely disappeared, the fall of Baghouz in March of that year led to the freeing of ISIS-controlled territory and its hold on Syria and Iraq. However, the US military has continued to carry out operations over the past several years to capture prominent officials and keep the terrorist organization from gaining another stronghold — and it recently succeeded in another such mission.

On September 25, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) issued a press release noting that two days prior, forces had “successfully conducted a helicopter raid in northern Syria.” During this operation, they captured Abu Halil al-Fad’ani. Al-Fad’ani held a prominent role as an Operational and Facilitation official with widespread relationships in the ISIS network. His capture will help prevent the extremist organization from executing more terrorist attacks.

This incident is only the latest of the successful military operations. In early September, another CENTCOM release detailed the missions carried out in August, where forces killed seven ISIS members and detained another 25. Most of these operations occurred in Iraq, where six terrorists died and forces captured 18 others. The rest happened in Syria, where the US has approximately 900 troops stationed to help with the ongoing mission to defeat the organization.

In April, CENTCOM captured Hudayfah al Yemeni, an attack facilitator, with two of his known associates. In the September and April missions, the military noted no civilians sustained casualties or injuries.

According to CENTCOM spokesperson Joe Buccino, “Operations against ISIS are important for the security and stability of the region” where “its vile ideology remains a threat.”

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