Investigators Release New Details on Tragic Death of Couple and Baby

Investigators Release New Details on Tragic Death of Couple and Baby

( – The August deaths of John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, their daughter, Miju, and their dog, Oski, made headlines. Officials, who were at first confused over their deaths, eventually determined the group likely passed away from exhaustion and dehydration related to extremely high regional temperatures. New information makes the fatal incident appear even more tragic.

A report published by the San Francisco Chronicle on December 3 suggests the baby probably began suffering from symptoms first. That led the parents on a harried scramble to get her help.

Experts believe their panicked state only compounded the situation.

The report suggests the parents were probably rushing up the hill to return to an area where they could get help for their child. The rugged terrain and intense heat compounded before they had a chance to realize they were in trouble, too.

Officers located Gerrish, Miju, and Oski together at the scene. They found Chung higher up on the hill, which led officials to believe Gerrish could no longer continue due to his weakened state. Chung left him there with the baby and dog and continued to try to seek help.

These new revelations are heartbreaking. The fear the young couple must have felt in their last moments is unimaginable.

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