Investigation Launched After Suspicious Letters Sent

Investigation Launched After 100 Suspicious Letters Sent

( – Lawmakers often get mail from their constituents. Sometimes these writings are petitions and requests asking them to pass or reject a certain bill, and other times they are personal anecdotes about how a law or movement has changed a life or business. Some days, though, the mail is a threat. In Kansas, an FBI and state investigation is underway after around 100 various letters were sent mostly to Republican lawmakers with a suspicious white powder inside.

On Sunday, June 18, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation announced that approximately 100 threatening letters were sent to various lawmakers in the area with white powder inside. While the substance tested negative for “common biological agents of concern,” experts still advised anyone who’s received a suspicious envelope to use extreme caution and alert authorities. No injuries have been reported.

Representative Tory Marie Blew, a recipient of one of the letters, told The Hill that authorities advised her not to open the envelope after she noticed it was thicker on one end than the other. While she was thankful for the warning, she was extremely shaken up by the threat inside. Within the note, the sender wrote, “Don’t choke on your ambition.” Similar phrases were sent in letters to other recipients. Representative Stephen Owen told CNN that his letter was signed “your secret despirer.” Most of the threatening correspondence had a return address for a local church and had a postmark date of June 14.

The US Postal Service also intercepted similar letters sent to former President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Blew believes she and her colleagues are being targeted because they overrode the governor’s veto of a bill that stopped trans athletes from participating in women’s sports and placed limitations on gender preference identification. The FBI is currently investigating the origin of these letters to ensure there is a proper resolution for all parties involved.

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