Here’s How to Get Involved in the Political Process

Here's How to Get Involved in the Political Process

( – Americans’ involvement in government is critical to sustaining our democratic republic and the freedoms found within it. Our Constitution even begins with three critical words that show who holds the power: “We the People.” So, it is vital that every citizen participates in the political process. Here are a few ways to get involved.

Register to Vote and Register Others

First and foremost, register to vote so that you can have your say in local laws and who represents you at every level of government. You can use to show you how to register. In addition, you can hold voter registration drives to help others embrace their right to vote as well.

Become a Poll Worker

When Americans head to the polls, there are millions of votes to count. Citizens who volunteer to work the polls ensure this is a smooth and secure process.

To become a poll worker, you must first verify you meet the requirements of your state. Then, contact your local election office and offer your assistance. Soon, you’ll be a critical part of our democratic process.

Volunteer for Local Politicians and Causes

If you find yourself passionate about certain topics in your town, like school size or nearby state parks, consider supporting local politicians, organizations, or nonprofits with the same interests as you.

Research your state and federal congressmen and women to see who you would like to support and give their office a call. They will likely have plenty of volunteer opportunities for you, especially if there is an upcoming election.

Run for Office Yourself

If you’ve seen areas in your town or state that need to change, you could be instrumental in creating that change.

If you’re considering running for office, head to your county or state’s election website. They’ll detail the requirements and steps needed to get your name on the ballot. You’ll most likely need to pay an application fee and get a certain number of signatures to start your campaign.

Take the First Step to Get Involved

Whether you start by writing an op-ed in your local paper, joining the local school board, or running for your state legislature, participating in our democracy will bring both pride and joy as you feel the power of the people.

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