Grammy Winning Singer Passes Away

Grammy Winning Singer Dead at 96

( – Some artists come into this world and leave indelible marks when they’re gone because of their talents and contributions. That was definitely the case with Grammy-winning singer Tony Bennett, whose career spanned seven decades. Sadly, the popular crooner passed away recently.

In a statement to CBS News, Bennett’s rep confirmed he died on Friday, July 21, in New York City. The condolences and memorials came pouring in nearly immediately across social media. Big names like Lenny Kravitz, Paul McCartney, and Keith Richards all expressed their gratitude for having known him and sympathy for his death.

Bennett enjoyed an illustrious career, creating more than 60 albums and winning 19 Grammy awards. However, he almost never recorded his most famous song, the one most people associate with him. “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” is often the ballad people think of first when they hear his name. In fact, before he ever recorded the soulful tune, people heard him singing it and encouraged him to do so.

In 2016, doctors diagnosed Bennett with Alzheimer’s disease, but that didn’t really slow him down. The music always seemed to make its way through. The last time Bennett performed was in 2021 alongside Lady Gaga, with whom he had a special relationship. The pair joined forces in 2014 to collaborate on a duets album, and their friendship continued after that. Though it seemed as though he forgot her name during their show, he remembered at the end, to her delight.

However, music wasn’t the only thing for which people often heralded Bennett. Racial segregation was common during WWII, even among soldiers. The army demoted him at one point for daring to sit and eat with one of his black friends. He later advocated for civil rights, marching with Martin Luther King, Jr.

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