Ghislaine Maxwell Placed in Low-Security Facility

Ghislaine Maxwell Moved to Low-Security Facility

Ghislaine Maxwell MOVED – Here’s What We Know

( – Ghislaine Maxwell is serving 20 years in the federal system for her part in helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse and exploit minors. Upon sentencing, she was in New York, but officials moved her to an institution in Tallahassee, Florida, on July 22. Her new home is low security and features plenty of amenities, including crafts and sports.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons would only confirm the transfer and would not disclose a reason for the change, according to Insider. Officials did say they move prisoners for various reasons depending on personal factors and needs. Judge Alison Nathan, who sentenced the socialite, had recommended relocation to Danbury, Connecticut.

In Florida, the 60-year-old will have access to many activities that focus on ensuring wellness, stress relief, and physical fitness. The inmate will have access to movie nights, yoga classes, volleyball, talent shows, crafts, and art instruction. Occupational training, such as cosmetology, is also available.

Maxwell expressed to the victims in court her hopes that the “harsh incarceration” she would bear could help them to move forward. The new digs are a far cry from where the disgraced socialite has been. She was in isolation at the Metropolitan Detention Center, and her attorneys claimed the conditions were deplorable.

With her now sitting in a place that offers low security and plenty of fun options to offset her free time, does the shift in Maxwell’s accommodations seem fair?

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