Gavin Newsom Plans To Support Dems in Red States

Gavin Newsom Plans To Support Dems in Red States

( – Political action committees, or PACs as they are better known, are organizations that raise and spend money to help get candidates into office. Elected officials often use them, as well, to help others in their party win. California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is the latest to create a new one.

On Thursday, March 30, Newsom announced he was launching the Campaign for Democracy, a PAC to get more Democrats elected in red states. His initial contribution, $10 million, comes from money left over from his 2022 campaign coffers. Newsom released a video outlining his perceived problems with the country and his plans.

Newsom called the actions of the red states “un-American” and “un-democratic” and says it’s time to take the future back from conservatives. To that end, he and his family plan to visit several states that top his list: Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas. He also took aim at three popular Republican governors: Greg Abbott (TX), Sarah Sanders (AR), and Ron DeSantis (FL).

This is hardly Newsom’s first foray into targeting Republicans. He’s taken shots at Florida and Texas in the years prior, even going so far as to pay for billboards in the Lone Star State and airing television ads in Florida attacking DeSantis.

Some speculate this latest action is one more step to Newsom running for the White House in 2028. While there were rumblings he might toss his name in the hat for 2024, he has denied this, saying he’s firmly on President Joe Biden’s side.

As for the Republicans in his crosshairs, they seem unbothered by his attention. Alexa Henning, Governor Sarah Sanders’ spokeswoman, said Newsom “never focuses on the problems he’s caused in his own state.” Others say he puts too much attention on others while spending taxpayer money frivolously, paying for women to travel to California for abortions and covering illegal immigrants’ healthcare.

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