French President Warns of Gas Cuts As Ukraine War Continues

France Getting Ready for Gas Cuts As Ukraine War Continues

World Leader Delivers WARNING as War In Ukraine Rages On

( – French President Emmanuel Macron addressed his nation in a televised speech on July 14. He told them the continuing conflict in Ukraine would strain France’s energy supplies. The leader told citizens to prepare to use less and brace for potential nighttime blackouts.

Macron explained that the French people have to ultimately end their reliance on Russia for natural gas because continuing to use the country’s products makes it challenging to mount enough economic pressure to end the conflict. He admitted that this approach would require sacrifices, which may include cutting energy supplies in the evening hours. He prompted everyone to begin conservation efforts and know that the coming months may be difficult.

The French president was clear that while Russian President Vladimir Putin may be pushing to involve more nations in his aggressive actions, nobody wants a world war. He explained the Kremlin is using energy as a weapon in this conflict, meaning countries need to find another path to fulfill needs that don’t play into Putin’s hand.

The country currently gets about 20% of its supply from Russia. The French government is trying to reduce dependence by diversifying supplies and considering alternatives. He noted the country would look into more nuclear energy investment options and should have its gas reserves near 100% by fall.

France’s struggles mirror those of other countries in the (EU). The EU is preparing to replace imports from the Kremlin with clean energy sources, biomethane, efficiency upgrades, and diversification as much as possible. They are also looking to other countries like Norway and Holland as potential sources.

As the war rages on, leaders could also impose a complete ban, leading to increased costs and potential rationing for Europe. For instance, Germany recently announced it’s considering rationing hot water in the autumn.

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