Freedom Caucus Has Reportedly Considered Giving MTG the Boot

Freedom Caucus Has Considered Giving MTG the Boot

( – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has been a controversial figure since she first entered Congress. She’s been surrounded by scandals and has loudly stuck behind former President Donald Trump’s election claims. Reports say that some House members, particularly those on the Freedom Caucus, seem to think she’s going too far these days, and there are rumors that they may boot her.

On Friday, June 23, Axios reported that three sources close to the matter at hand claimed the House Freedom Caucus members held a closed-door meeting. While they say the private event consisted of a “wide-ranging” discussion on a matter of issues, one of the topics was none other than Greene, who is often referred to by her initials, MTG.

The issue members seem to have with the Georgia representative is that her behavior on the House floor has been “unprofessional.” The subject of ousting her from the caucus came up, though no immediate decisions were made. In order to remove her, 80% of the members would need to agree.

Greene recently made headlines after she got into a spat with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on the House floor, calling her a “little b–tch.” Additionally, according to POLITICO, at least two members have expressed concern that Greene no longer meets their standards and has reportedly become a little too buddy-buddy with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). The Freedom Caucus tends to consist of hard-right conservatives who don’t align much with the establishment.

Freedom Caucus chair Scott Perry (R-PA) spoke with POLITICO, saying he denied the removal requests, though he didn’t offer any details about who the request involved. He also acknowledged that the group has been facing an identity crisis since President Joe Biden took office. Reports indicate there are several members who might get ousted for, like MTG, not aligning with the body’s goals.

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