FBI Reportedly Searches Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home

FBI Reportedly Searches Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home

FBI RAID – Donald Trump Responds!

(USNewsBreak.com) – Monday, Aug 8, past commander in chief Donald Trump broke the news to media that his Mar-a-Lago home had been raided by FBI agents. According to Trump, the government men occupied his private club in a move the former president called “not necessary or appropriate.”

Agents were at the property to search for records Trump allegedly took from the White House before he left. Sources familiar with the investigation said to Fox News Digital that the agency brought a safe-cracking device to open a newer model storage unit, but it was empty.

The investigators took boxes and documents without sorting them at the estate. The source said they weren’t being picky about what they took.

Trump’s statement claims that the current administration is engaged in an operation to use the Justice Department and its enforcement divisions to purposely harass and defame him. He claims the goal is to destabilize the Republican base by removing its trust in him, thereby affecting the outcome of any election in which he declares candidacy. Some other members of the party agreed. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem tweeted her concerns, calling the incident a “weaponization of the Justice Department” by the Left:

In the days after the raid, both supporters and opponents of Trump gathered outside Mar-a-Lago. While no violence occurred between the two groups, arguments reportedly became heated on a few occasions during the protests.

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