Family Loses Twins in Tragic Way

Family Loses Twins in Tragic Way

( – Children tend to find all kinds of ways to worry their parents. However, some real dangers lurk in households, making it critical to remain diligent. Still, sometimes, accidents can happen, as a family of 4-year-old twins recently discovered the hard way.

A Jacksonville family is suffering the loss of two children after they fell asleep in a toy box in their bedroom. Don Starr and his wife, Sadie Myers, put their children to bed on Friday, August 25. According to Myers’ Facebook post, “At some point early that morning, the twins woke each other up and decided they wanted to play,” which she says was a very common occurrence. She said typically, they fell asleep somewhere in their shared room, surrounded by toys.

On the morning of Saturday, August 26, however, the family couldn’t find the girls. Starr looked all over the home, but one of the couple’s sons found the girls. However, he didn’t notice anything was wrong. He simply said, “They are so silly just sleeping in the toy box.” However, when Myers looked inside the cedar chest, she “knew something wasn’t right.”

The girls had taken nearly all their stuffed animals out, leaving a few in, presumably for comfort, and fallen asleep inside. It’s unclear whether they shut the lid or it happened to close due to movement inside, but the toy box didn’t allow for air circulation, and oxygen levels inside the box dropped. The twins died in their sleep. Their family found them cuddled up together.

The parents called authorities, and the Sheriff arrived on the scene. The girls’ deaths are under investigation, according to Fox News Digital. In the meantime, the parents are trying to learn how to cope with the fact that their family is without two important members and battling through grief. There was an outpouring of support for the couple on social media.

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