Elevated Prices Conflict With Biden’s Controversial Agenda

Elevated Prices Conflict With Biden's Controversial Agenda

(USNewsBreak.com) – Prices at the pump continue to rise. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s desire to push his climate agenda leaves him in the middle of a dilemma that could force him to decide once and for all where his priorities lie.

Biden is outspoken about his desire to move away from fossil fuels as the primary source of energy in the US. Many of his most recent actions focus intensely on achieving that goal. But with the average price of gas at $3.49 per gallon, many Americans want the president to find ways to bring costs down instead.

Unfortunately, many solutions to the ongoing pricing problem directly conflict with Biden’s climate agenda. He’s asked OPEC to increase production multiple times without results, raising questions about consistency. How can Biden push phasing out fossil fuels while encouraging their increased production?

Biden is also under fire for closing the Keystone XL pipeline and moving the US forward into a future without fossil fuels when it isn’t ready to give them up. A total loss of access to gas and oil could grind transportation services to a halt and negatively affect virtually every other industry in America.

Furthermore, costly regulations and other policies of the Biden administration continue to strain domestic oil producers and move prices upward.

While the administration claims it has plenty of tools at its disposal, the president has thus far only investigated price gouging and market manipulation. On November 10, he tapped the Federal Trade Commission to work on these issues.

Managing director of ClearView Energy Partners LLC, Kevin Book, warns that high prices are strong motivators for citizens to vote incumbent politicians out of office. If Biden doesn’t get a handle on the situation, Americans may show their disapproval at the polls in the 2022 midterm elections.

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