Donald Trump Prepares for Launch of New Social Platform

Donald Trump Prepares for Launch of New Social Platform

( – After the events of January 6, social media platforms rushed to ban or silence former President Donald Trump. He immediately began looking for alternatives in the wake of such censorship, eventually announcing that he would create his own TRUTH Social platform. Now, its official launch is just a short time away.

Trump posted the first message to the TRUTH Social platform on February 15. While it is still in beta testing, and thus, unavailable to the public, it’s expected to officially launch soon. The former president teased that event by telling people, “Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!”

His son, Donald Trump Jr, posted a screenshot of the message on Twitter on February 15.

People quickly pointed out design similarities between TRUTH Social and Twitter. As Trump’s main goal was to displace the popular social media site, it might not come as a surprise that he’d follow in similar footsteps.

The former president is advertising the site as a place where people can freely share their thoughts and opinions without fearing political discrimination. Reports from January initially suggested it could go live on February 21, which is also Presidents’ Day, but an article from TIME recently reported the launch would be pushed back to March.

Those interested in joining the movement can currently visit the website to download the app. They’ll be added to a waiting list that promises to issue a notification when the platform officially goes live.

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