Couple Accused of BETRAYING America – They’re in Trouble Now!

Pair Indicted for Allegedly Trying To Send Medical Info To Russia

Pair Charged for Allegedly Trying To Share Medical Info With Russia

( – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to increased tensions between the country and the US. While much of the Western world has condemned Russia for its actions against the smaller nation, the Kremlin have their share of supporters as well. One story out of Maryland highlights this.

The Maryland US Attorney’s Office announced on September 29 a federal indictment against an Army major and the person’s spouse for attempting to share confidential health information about US soldiers with Russia. Officials arrested Dr. Anna Gabrielian and Major Jamie Lee Henry the same day. Each faces eight counts for sharing this information.

The pair, both of whom are doctors, intended to assist Moscow with its efforts in Ukraine by providing personal and confidential medical details about American soldiers. The couple’s plan to betray the United States allegedly began on August 17, when Gabrielian met with an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian representative. The doctor made it clear she was willing to sacrifice her job and freedom for the cause.

Gabrielian offered that her spouse was highly valuable as a member of the armed forces and could provide inside details. The woman then set up a meeting between Henry and the agent, according to the DOJ press release.

During that encounter, the couple reportedly committed to providing military medical records, but Henry avoided getting the agent’s name to be able to deny knowing anything during security clearance screening. Gabrielian also pushed for an arrangement to take her and their children out of the US should any legal issues arise. On August 31, the married couple met with the agent again to hand over health information on multiple active service members and veterans.

Do you think Russia poses national security risks to the US? If so, do you believe the US should be doing more to address it?

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