Chris Christie Takes Aim at Trump

Chris Christie Takes Aim at Trump

( – The Republican primary is heating up, and no fewer than a dozen candidates have tossed their names in the hat to secure the nomination. Now, they’re starting to take swipes at each other. Former President Donald Trump is widely considered the frontrunner in the GOP race despite his ongoing legal woes. He’s also the latest target of harsh words from another candidate.

It recently came to light that Trump is moving donations received for his presidential campaign to his political action committee (PAC), Save America. He previously used that PAC to pay his legal fees rather than pay out of pocket. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), running against Trump for the GOP nomination, told POLITICO he wasn’t surprised because the former president is “the cheapest S.O.B. [he’s] ever met in [his] life.” Christie went on to say that Trump is quite talented at “spending other people’s money” rather than his own, despite his billions in assets.

Christie said Trump “should be ashamed of himself” for using donors’ money to pay legal fees and should “instruct his campaign to no longer spend any public money” on such expenses. He pointed out that people “who believe in him” have continued to donate money toward his candidacy, thinking they’re propelling him forward, while he repurposes their donations to pay his legal fees.

According to a recent report by The New York Times, Trump has already started moving money between the accounts. When he began receiving donations last year, he reportedly split the funds so that all but a penny of each dollar went to his campaign. The remaining one cent went to Save America. Now, he’s implemented a 90/10 split of the donations, and the report says that means he could’ve already diverted a minimum of $1.5 million.

Media reports say the Save America PAC has paid at least $3 million to Trump’s lawyers. With his ongoing legal woes, it may just continue doing so.

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