China Threatens To Fight Taiwan’s Allies

China Threatens To Fight Taiwan's Allies

( – China’s insistence that it owns Taiwan continues, despite the island nation’s constant attempts to achieve sovereignty. Tensions are on the rise — and the US is now firmly caught in the middle.

On October 5, China’s state-run Global Times news outlet put out an editorial warning Taiwan and its allies that the CCP would stop at nothing to reclaim the island nation. Leaders also threatened they were preparing to fight Taiwanese “insurrectionists” in other recent stories.

The latest reports show the country seeks to reunite the two nations — and will do so even if forced to battle other countries, including the US. It threatened devastation on any entity who dares oppose the plan.

The scathing article repeatedly demeaned Taiwanese officials for seeking democracy in the country and expecting other countries to defend it against China’s incursions. It then ended with a stern warning: no other country can match the CCP’s strength and drive in this matter.

The article reads like a clear challenge to any country that seeks to protect Taiwan’s independence. The threat of military action could give officials pause before they actively step between the two nations. Will China’s reunification plan interfere with US interests?

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