China Publicly Claims U.S. Is Now Responsible for Spread of COVID-19

China Publicly Claims U.S. Is Now Responsible for Spread of COVID-19

( – At this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, there is little doubt the virus originated in China. However, the communist country has refused to accept responsibility and cooperate in investigations at every step on the path to finding the truth.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently requested a new investigation in China; they refused. Then, the uncooperative nation released propaganda blaming the US for spreading COVID and “poisoning the world.”

US infectious disease experts warn that China’s denial of investigator access in Wuhan, which is ground zero for the virus, only adds suspicion. It also ramps up sentiment about whether or not the government has something to hide — like the disputed theory that COVID originated in a lab.

China’s official stance is that the virus had multiple origin points. They refuse to take responsibility for any kind of experimentation or lab-oriented contribution. Instead, the Foreign Ministry released an infographic on July 27 showing how the US allegedly infected the world with COVID by allowing Americans to travel.

Interestingly, it was China that refused to instill and abide by travel restrictions back at the beginning of the pandemic. Many feel the nation could have stalled the spread, and potentially, reduced the total number of associated deaths, by taking action faster than it did.

Instead of taking responsibility for their role in COVID-19, or even just doing their part to help prevent a future health crisis, China seems more interested in shifting scrutiny to the US. This tactic is common on the political stage, but will the world really buy it this time?

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