Biden’s FTC Nominee Becomes Official After Senate Vote

Biden's FTC Nominee Becomes Official After Senate Vote

Senate VOTES – Biden Gets What He Wants

( – On May 11, Congress confirmed Alvaro M. Bedoya as the new Federal Trade Commissioner for a seven-year term. President Joe Biden nominated him on January 4, 2022, and Democrats seemed pleased with him at the time. However, Bedoya stirred up controversy with some offhand remarks about immigration, which led to Republicans highly opposing his confirmation.

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina M. Khan said in a statement that she is “excited to begin working with [Bedoya],” calling his experience and skill set a “great asset.” Senator Edward J Markey (D-MA) also commented on the confirmation, saying Bedoya has an impeccable track record that will help him in pursuing the FTC’s goals of “protecting the public from manipulation and privacy invasions online.”

Not everyone felt Bedoya was the right person for the job. The Senate had a tied vote, broken only by Vice President Harris. Republicans were upset over his statements in opposition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He accused officials of “warrantless searches and face scans.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told the Daily Caller News Foundation that no member of the GOP on the Commerce Committee supported him because of his partisanship. Cruz said Biden should nominate someone more qualified to hold the position.

The Daily Caller also reported Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called Bedoya a “radical partisan” on May 10 during hearings. He even said the nominee was a “poor fit” and accused Democrats of wanting to encourage partisanship within the federal government.

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