Biden Wants to Spend Millions on Lawyers for Undocumented Immigrants

Biden Wants to Spend Millions on Lawyers for Undocumented Immigrants

( – Immigration is a hot-button issue. Democrats want to make the laws more lenient to allow additional people into the country, especially those crossing the southern border. Republicans, on the other hand, prefer to enforce current laws and equal the playing field for all immigrants.

As part of his 2022 budget, President Joe Biden released his immigration reform plan fact sheet on July 27. In it, he implores Congress to provide $15 million for immigration lawyers for undocumented people.

According to former federal immigration judge Andrew Arthur and Heritage senior fellow for homeland security Lora Ries, the Biden Administration’s approach to reform is problematic in a few key ways. Arthur mentions that the fact sheet doesn’t provide details on who exactly this is supposed to help. It contains the wording, “families and vulnerable individuals.” Yet, he argues it does not clearly explain who fits into this category.

In addition, he and Ries pointed out that providing legal representation in civil matters is not something the US government does for its own citizens. Why would the government do this for illegal immigrants? Some feel this is a misuse of taxpayer money.

There are also financial concerns. A close examination from Ries indicated that costs for immigration attorneys range from about $2,000 to $10,000. On the low end, that would help about 7,500 people; on the high end, it would assist just 1,500 instead. This barely makes a dent in immigrants currently in the system.

This fact sheet raises more questions than answers. Is the $15 million the beginning, which will lead to more money requests? How does Biden justify providing for those illegally in the US over American citizens? Who will the plan really assist?

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