Biden Says He’ll Go To East Palestine “At Some Point”

Biden Promises To Visit East Palestine

( – On February 3, a Norfolk Southern train derailed near the Pennsylvania border in East Palestine, Ohio. After the accident, officials had to come in and do a “controlled release” of the chemicals aboard the derailed cars shortly after the incident to prevent a possible catastrophic explosion. Thousands of local residents were evacuated, and when they returned home, they didn’t feel safe with the chemicals in the water, soil, and air. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took a full 10 days to address the issue publicly and another 10 to visit the site. However, President Joe Biden has been noticeably absent.

On Thursday, March 2, Biden addressed the question as to when he would visit the site of the train derailment. His answer when speaking to reporters, according to The Hill, was an ambiguous “at some point.”

The president has faced a lot of criticism in the wake of the accident for not doing more to help the community’s residents. However, he did call and speak with Governor Mike DeWine (R) shortly after the derailment to offer aid, which DeWine declined. Biden also told reporters that he has spoken with politicians on both sides of the aisle in Ohio, adding that the administration will implement “an awful lot through the legislation here” and he does plan to visit the site.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump visited the city on February 22, a day before Buttigieg, and spoke with impacted residents. He donated cleaning supplies and cases of bottled water to the citizens. The White House characterized his visit as little more than a political ploy.

The Right has said that Biden was quick to visit Ukraine before a city in his own country that is suffering in the aftermath of an environmental disaster.

What do you think? Should Biden be doing more for East Palestine?

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