Authorities Capture Teen Suspect After Manhunt

Authorities Capture Teen Suspect After Manhunt

( – Assailants shot Tanya Harris, 54, to death in Philadelphia’s Holmesburg neighborhood in 2020. Authorities picked up two people on suspicion of her death, alleging they killed the woman after trying to solicit sex from her. One of those suspects, now 17-year-old Shane Pryor, recently escaped custody, but authorities have since recaptured him.

According to reports, Pryor managed to escape custody at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Wednesday, January 24. Police said at the time, he wasn’t in handcuffs and managed to leave a vehicle while in the emergency room parking lot. Video footage showed the teen going in and out of buildings, talking to people. It appeared he was trying to use a phone, though it was unclear whether he called anyone. His escape fueled a five-day manhunt, after which police in another area of the city, one he used to frequent, successfully captured him.

US Marshals took Pryor back into custody on Sunday around 6:30 p.m. They observed him on a bus and placed him under arrest. They found a handcuff key on him at the time, though it wasn’t clear whether he used it.

Police also arrested 18-year-old Michael Diggs for picking Pryor up on the day of his escape. They charged him with several crimes, including escape, criminal conspiracy, and hindering apprehension. Authorities haven’t ruled out charging other people in connection with Pryor’s escape, as well. According to Fox 29, US Marshals Supervisor Deputy Robert Clark said, “We know who a lot of the players are here … there’s a very good chance some of them may be prosecuted.”

Officials have held Pryor in custody since 2020, and he has maintained his innocence. His mother and attorney say fear of the other suspect and frustration that a judge in the case refused to move the trial to juvenile court last month caused Pryor to flee. His attorney expressed relief that his client was safe in custody and that his defense could continue.

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