Armorer on Alec Baldwin Set Might Have Been Hung Over, Prosecutors Say

Armorer on Alec Baldwin Set Might Have Been Hung Over, Prosecutors Say

( – Sad news rocked the nation in October 2021 when actor Alec Baldwin shot and killed Halyna Hutchins, a rising star in the industry, on the New Mexico set of “Rust.” Following an investigation into her death, authorities charged Baldwin and the movie’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, with involuntary manslaughter. In April, prosecutors dropped the charges against the actor but not the armorer after new information about the weapon came to light. Now, they’re claiming Gutierrez Reed might have suffered a hangover on the day of Hutchins’ death.

Gutierrez Reed’s attorneys filed a motion last month to vacate the involuntary manslaughter charges against her. Prosecutors refused, citing witness testimony that crew members had seen her “drinking heavily and smoking marijuana in the evenings” while the film’s production was underway, according to ABC 12 News. In a filing, they alleged she “was hung over” when she loaded the weapon that Baldwin fired with a live round in it. The shot also injured director Joel Souza in the incident.

Gutierrez Reed’s attorney, Jason Bowles, said the prosecution isn’t concerned about justice, only “finding a convenient scapegoat.” The armorer will likely plead not guilty to the charges against her.

Prosecutors also say they haven’t made a final decision yet on what, if any, charges Baldwin will face. However, they expect to have a decision before August 8. An independent expert hired by the state is looking at part of the weapon, the broken sear. The expert is reportedly looking for any signs that the gun malfunctioned. Should this not be the case, the prosecution will proceed with charges against the actor.

The investigation into the shooting and all activities on the “Rust” set in New Mexico remains active. Filming resumed in April and finished in May at Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana, a feat Baldwin said was “nothing less than a miracle.”

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