AOC Warns Democrats Should Be Worried About Losing Voters

AOC Warns Democrats Should Be Worried About Losing Voters

( – In an interview with New York Magazine on March 29, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) warned Democrats they could lose more than independent votes in the upcoming midterm elections. She said the party is also at risk of losing its base due to party leaders being out of touch with younger voters. She urged them to make changes now.

AOC noted that the older party members run an antiquated system from a time when politics were different. Cutting a deal isn’t as easy as having a drink and smoke together in some backroom anymore, and she thinks lawmakers have to recognize the changes.

The representative said the party cannot continue to rely on independents to carry them to victory. She explained there is a problem stirring within young Democrat supporters who feel they “aren’t necessarily being seen.”

The party is in a questionable position for the looming election, in which it is fighting to retain seats and control of Congress. The representative noted a president with low approval ratings and historical patterns of the party in the White House losing big in midterms as proof they must take action now.

AOC feels the solution is for Biden to rule by executive action. She and her cohorts want him to issue orders concerning healthcare, student loan debt, environmental protection, and immigration reform. The representative said the party cannot sit back and do nothing, or November will be devastating.

Do you think Republicans have a good chance of outdoing the Democrats this year?

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