AOC Makes a Slew of Endorsements for New York State Assembly

AOC Makes a Slew of Endorsements for New York State Assembly

AOC Pushing RADICAL Agenda – Multiple Endorsements CONFIRMED

( – On May 23, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) announced her endorsement of nine Democratic candidates running for the New York state assembly. These individuals are part of the Working Families Party (WFP), a progressive group focused on “the fight for social, racial, and economic justice.”

Fox News reported most of the candidates would go up against moderate Democrats. According to the outlet, a statement from AOC indicated her endorsement is to help push for “affordable housing,” “guaranteed healthcare,” and “climate justice.”

In a statement to Fox News, WFP senior director Kumar Rao said the party wants to unseat Democrats the organization sees as traitors for collaborating with GOP members. He claimed the group had already pushed the moderates out of the Independent Democratic Conference, which allowed progressives to make the wealthy pay higher taxes and provide more funding to schools.

Democrats already hold a large majority of the seats in the New York assembly, but the WFP, with the help of AOC, hopes to fill it with people from the far Left. The candidates the representative is throwing her support behind, which she calls the “We Can’t Wait Slate,” include a democratic socialist, abortion rights advocate, civil rights leader, climate organizer, and other activists.

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