AI Trends to Watch Out For This Year

AI Trends to Watch Out For This Year

( – Technology is continuously changing and advancing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is doing more now than ever before. Experts from Sony expect this trend to continue as they predict what’s coming in 2022.

Sony AI America experts COO, Michael Spranger, senior research scientist and AI ethics office head, Alice Xiang, and executive director, Peter Stone, have four ideas about where AI will go and accomplish in the coming year. They expect that it will continue to infiltrate more aspects of daily life.

The food industry is already finding ways to put AI to use to reduce staffing needs and make a more seamless customer experience. The experts expect that the industry will start to use technology for making food in the next year. The move could help combat staffing shortages and reduce the transmission of germs.

Staffing problems are not unique to food service; all industries feel the crunch. Due to this, experts believe companies will begin using AI to further create a more diverse workforce. Improving hiring practices benefits everyone and allows employers to look beyond their typical applicant pool.

Sony experts think AI will also come under a microscope in the coming year. They expect a new focus on AI ethics and the issues from using the technology.

The last prediction, and maybe the one people are least likely to believe could happen, is the development of AI that thinks more like humans. Experts foresee these computers learning to reason and think independently. While the idea may seem a little scary, the possibilities of such advancements could bring significant changes across the board.

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