Afghans Struggle One Year After Taliban Takeover

Afghans Struggle One Year After Taliban Takeover

Afghanistan DISASTER – An Absolute Mess!

( – On August 30, 2021, the United States ended its 20-year occupation of Afghanistan. By August 15, the Taliban had already taken over the country’s capital, Kabul, leaving troops and civilians scrambling to evacuate the region. In an attack at the airport in Kabul, 13 US soldiers lost their lives, and many others on the ground died in the ensuing days. A common opinion is the withdrawal was a failure for the Biden administration, but the White House has a different stance.

Afghanistan Today

After taking over the nation, the Taliban sought recognition as a valid government and made promises to follow international laws. Most other countries viewed the new leaders with a skeptical eye.

The group didn’t wait long to begin instituting questionable policies to the detriment of the Afghan people. Officials were especially harsh on women, pushing the demographic out of jobs and schooling. Reports suggest the new rules severely diminished the rights of every female.

Last year, reports also quickly emerged alleging brutality against journalists, former military members, and former government officials by the Taliban. Meanwhile, it’s believed that it took less than a month after the Taliban’s takeover for over 150 media outlets in the country to shut down.

The country is now suffering greatly from a bad economy as well. Poverty is rampant, and restrictions make it difficult for foreign aid to enter. A recent report from The Daily Telegraph described the life of a woman in Afghanistan and her children, who have on many occasions gone without meals.

Yet, the Taliban claims all is well. They declared August 15, the day the group officially overtook the capital and began its occupation, a national holiday. The organization sees its takeover as a win and continues to impose laws and rules that trample freedoms Afghani people enjoyed before the US left.

The Impact on the President

During the 2020 campaign, supporters of Joe Biden pushed him as a master at foreign affairs. But the chaotic withdrawal undermined his credibility and made the commander in chief lose the trust of many Americans.

Before the maneuver, he declared it necessary to protect the United States. Biden claimed the country had accomplished its goal to ensure terrorists wouldn’t occupy Afghanistan again. Afterward, he faced serious accusations that he’d made terrible miscalculations and ignored the evidence that the country wasn’t ready. While the president’s ratings were already on a downward slide, they dropped quickly after the events in Afghanistan and now sit at just 40%.

The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations conducted an assessment of the operation’s failures. Members found the White House failed to plan properly, which allowed the Taliban to take over. The committee also stated Biden left thousands of Americans behind enemy lines and laid the death of the 13 soldiers solidly in his lap.

In an address to the nation on August 31, Biden bragged about the mission being “one of the biggest airlifts in history” and called it an “extraordinary success.” He stated authorities had warned Americans to leave multiple times prior, but many residents decided to stay. He claimed only about 200 remained in the nation after the withdrawal.

Biden also stated concerns about the takeover, saying his administration thought Afghan troops would be able to hold off the Taliban. He admitted the move by the terrorist organization happened much faster than projected. Despite this, Biden maintained the operation was necessary and stood by his decisions.

The Biden administration is currently attempting to tackle issues with the economy and the war in Ukraine. Still, Afghanistan continues to hang like a dark cloud over Biden — one that may play into the midterms in November and could impact 2024.

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